2012-08-23 19:23
rud-convert r.i.p
Had a quite look at rud-convert today and google have made it quite a lot harder to parse correctly.

I'll put this script to rest now.
2012-08-23 18:43
rud-free.tcl 1.5.1
So I recently found out that I did a version 1.5 and 1.5.1 of rud-free without uploading it here. Now that I checked it the reason I didn't upload it here was due to constraints in the php scripts... Thew new version has a separate conf file and the mechanism of this page doesn't handle that..

Anyway, you can fetch it from until I rewrite this page.
2011-12-07 22:53
rud-convert.tcl 2.0.3
Fixed the script to work again.
2011-06-29 20:14
rud-news.tcl 1.2.1
Apparently there were two typos of putserv as pytserv in 1.2. I guess nobody use the script as it took 4½ year for someone to report the error.
2009-04-18 01:26
rud-convert.tcl 2.0 & rud-unixtime.tcl 1.0
Major update of rud-convert.tcl, it should now be very much more resilient to changes by google. Rewrote it in namespace as well so it's now clean and nice. Will unload itself on rehash if removed from config.

Update of rud-unixtime.tcl, rewritten in namespace, will also unload itself if removed from config.

As it's major rewrites, it's not unthinkable that new bugs have been introduced, please do report them!
2009-04-08 18:22
rud-problems 0.6.1
Fixed a typo that should solve the issue with unknown var in the timer proc.
2009-04-06 17:35
rud-convert 1.0.2
Fixed some code conversion.. should now handle power of and ×
2009-03-22 22:33
rud-convert 1.0c
regexp change, wider matching this time, will hopefully last longer...
2007-11-09 23:44
rud-unixtime.tcl 0.9
Added a script I had laying around for a while, wrote it for a friend some time ago. A guy asked for it but I thought it was ugly, so cleaned out the code and added the usual rudenstamness to it.

Conversion to and from unixtime.
2007-08-09 21:09
rud-free.tcl 1.2a
Freespace didn't update for warnings, always printed the same as the first warning.
Thanks to lillavarg for finding this bug.
2007-08-09 03:58
rud-problems.tcl 0.6 (first public release)
A script to handle problems and requests for crews (siteops or others). Users report problems with !problem or if they need siteop attention they can use !siteop . Bot pastes the stuff in the crew chan. Problems are listable with !problems. Announce unsolved problems periodically and most output is cookied as usual.

This is still an early state of the script and there's bound to be bugs and popular features missing.
2007-08-09 01:29
rud-reminder.tcl 1.2a
Fixed a bug that occured when the remind list was empty and someone changed nick

if it was spewing down your partyline with timer errors, this will most likely fix it... if not.. contact me :)
2007-06-10 19:57
rud-traffic.tcl 1.0
Hello everybody, seems I'm back!

This time with rud-traffic.tcl 1.0.

I got tired of the insane time rt.tcl (with took when searching very widely, for example matching all traffic for a group. So I ended up writing my own script which uses a different approach.

This script does not freeze your bot at all, it always takes about as long to execute no matter what you search for and you can search for everything by simply not giving any arguments.

If you however most of the time just want to check the traffic of a single release name, you probably want instead as it uses grep which is faster but not good for large xferlogs with many hits.

Don't know where it's going from here, but enjoy for now :)